ContentShare2 (CS2)


Workflow and Media Asset Management
Grass Valley™ ContentShare2 (CS2) is a software solution created to interconnect new and legacy IT-based systems within a production facility's digital workflow into a single, streamlined environment.

CS2 is a scalable workflow and media asset management (MAM) software solution that integrates a robust asset management framework and a powerful, highly flexible workflow engine.

The MAM system provides interfaces to broadcast specific devices, such as video servers, and interfaces to IT-based storage systems. CS2 initiates and controls the transfer of content between the different subsystems that exist within a broadcast facility. In addition, CS2 provides an asset tracking subsystem. to administer content, which may be available in different resolutions.

The CS2 workflow management system provides interfaces to other business systems (i.e., scheduling systems) as well as the technical infrastructure. It receives work orders from the business system and initiates and controls the technical workflow.

  • A reliable asset management framework tracks ingest, movement, and manipulation of content
  • Interfaces to a wide variety of devices and systems, both Grass Valley™ and third-party
  • A powerful and highly flexible workflow engine interfaces with business systems
  • Adapts easily to support business processes and operational rules
  • Integrates fully-automated workflow capabilities with manual operator-driven jobs
  • A revolutionary, task-based UI guides the operator's work by combining a task's description with the proper tools for each task, improving broadcast and rich media production and operations
  • Flexible framework bridges the traditional gap between content creation and business applications, allowing you to optimize your workflows

CS2 Device Interfaces

  • Video Servers (K2, Profile®, Sapphire, Omneon Spectrum, Quantel Clipbox Power)
  • Transcoding engines (David Transcoder, Digital Rapids Stream, Rhozet Carbon Coder, IPV XCode, SuitcaseTV)
  • Archive systems (Front Porch DIVArchive)
  • Generic IT storage (via CIFS, FTP; also supports FXP transfers)
  • Video quality analyzers (MPEG Scan, Tektronix Cerify)
  • Wrap and unwrap (MXF, QuickTime; support for language tagging)

CS2 UI Modules

  • Core UI (metadata display and editing, display of low-res video and keyframes, workflow monitoring, search, transfer, and transcode administration)
  • VTR Ingest (up to six VTRs, read-after write, metadata input, barcode scanner interfacing)
  • Hi-res QC (controls K2 or Omneon playback channel for playback of hi-res media, manual checkpoints, interfacing with file-based QC devices)
  • Cataloging* (capture timecode-based metadata, work with tracks, expose different views for different operators)
  • Trimming* (set new In and Out marks on the K2 server, create new clips based on marked segments)
  • Web-based task panel* (task distribution compatible with all major browsers, integrate CS2 with third-party software)
  • Centralized administration and configuration (install new software to any machine, configure CS2 from a single point of contact, receive a quick overview of the current system status)

CS2 Core Features

  • Metadata import and export via XML files
  • Traffic system interface (XML based, file and Web service interface, status reporting of workflows)
  • Operation Workflow Engine (orchestrate processes with maximum flexibility, combine manual and automated tasks)
  • Technical Workflow Engine (trigger actions based on events)
  • Backup broker (cold-standby redundancy for device interfaces)
  • Separate audit log repository* (store audit log messages securely, perform statistical analysis on operational processes)

* Available soon

Data Sheet
ContentShare2 Workflow and Media Asset Management Data Sheet

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